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Rams Juniors

Teamwork, Communication, Strength, Sportsmanship, Determination, Attitude and fun.

These are all the important skills we coach at our Guangzhou Junior Rugby Program. Partnering with Hualong Rugby club, both clubs have collaborated well to reach one common goal! 

Grow Rugby in China!

With inclusion of rugby 7’s into the Olympics, the sport of rugby union is rapidly growing around the world and especially in China. Rugby is a sport for all body shapes and sizes and can be played by all different levels of ability. Our junior rugby program isn’t just all about coaching the physical skills for on the field but also key lessons and values that can be used off the field and in life. 


The children at our junior program will be coached by a mix of experienced foreign and local coaches. Have the opportunity to keep fit, meet new people and most importantly have fun!


Please contact us for more information regarding costs and schedule.

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