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The Guangzhou Rams RFC is an active sporting community which continuously looks for new players and members to join us in growing sport, focusing on Rugby Union and Touch Football.

We are looking for men and women who are either, students looking to spend a year abroad to learn Chinese language or, university graduates who are looking to work and travel abroad. This is a great opportunity to also play rugby and take part in the sport’s growth in China.

We can assist with finding good, stable jobs for English teachers. In China, to get most English teaching jobs, all you require is an undergraduate degree.


  • University Bachelors degree with any major. ​No teaching degree or previous experience required

  • Fluent English speaker

  • Competitive level of rugby experience

For more information, contact us.


If you're a rugby player and considering moving to Guangzhou, China then you're in the right place. Below we'll answer the most commonly asked questions by potential players, both about the club and life in our great city. If you have any other questions, please contact us over email, WeChat, Facebook or Instagram.


  1. Guangzhou has a rugby team?

Hailing from South China's first-tier mega-city, the Guangzhou Rams RFC (GZ Rams) are an amateur rugby club based in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. The GZ Rams have been an active rugby club for 22 years (established in 1997) and have a strong reputation in China Rugby.

The GZ Rams are a multi-cultural club that balances the leadership and culture of foreign players with local domestic player development. Our goal is to grow the sport in China and continue to develop local and junior rugby. The GZ Rams actively engage with the community through its junior rugby and touch football programs.


2. Tell Me About Guangzhou.

Guangzhou originally came to prominence as a port city and is located northwest of Hong Kong on the Pearl River. The city features avant-garde architecture such as Zaha Hadid's Guangzhou Opera House (known as the "double pebble"); the carved box-shaped Guangdong Museum; and the iconic Canton TV Tower skyscraper, resembling a thin hourglass. The Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, a temple complex from 1894, also houses the Guangdong Folk Arts Museum.

You can get anything you need here as the city is big enough to cater to more a more Western lifestyle than smaller Chinese cities but still is firmly Chinese. Hosting the world-famous Canton Fair twice a year brings lots of people from all over the world. An excellent location for people wanting to travel and see South-East Asia, with reasonably priced flights to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and many more only 3 hours or so away. Hong Kong is only a 45 min train ride away after the opening of a high-speed rail line last year.

3. What kind of jobs can we find?

Jobs in international schools are a great place to start because all classes are taught in English. Most of the posts for foreigners are English teaching jobs, but the more prominent international schools will also offer subject teaching roles at their high school and classroom teachers for primary schools. Working hours depend on the school and depend on your contract; they can vary from 3-8 hours a day.


4. Salary Expectations?

Salaries paid by schools are usually CNY10,000 - 30,000/month after tax. This equates to approximately USD $1,500 - $4,400 or ZAR R25,000-R75,000 after tax. Qualifications, experience and school prestige, will dictate at which end of the scale your salary is at, but you can earn extra beer tokens if you take on a few private tutoring hours.

5.What are the visa requirements?

China offers many types of visa, but the two most popular for expats are the Working Visa (Z-Visa) and Student Visa (X-Visa).

For a working visa, China requires that you have the following:

i. A passport from either the USA, Canada, AUS, NZ, UK, Ireland, or SA,

ii. A University Bachelors Degree or above (any degree qualifies),

iii. A clean criminal record.


For a student visa, you require:

i. A high school certificate,

ii. Your transcripts,

iii. Medical check report.


6. What is the arrangement with accommodation?

If you hold a working visa, an accommodation allowance should be included as part of your salary package. Some schools will provide free accommodation, although schools do not usually offer this to players with less teaching experience.

If you hold a student visa, you can live at the dormitories on campus or rent a house out of school.


7. How much does the accommodation cost?

This is hugely dependant on where you want to live, downtown, the rent varies from CNY3,000 to 10,000/month depending on the exact location and size of the apartment. 

Out of the city centre, the rent is about CNY2500-7000. Note most landlords require 2-3 months of rent in advance as a security bond.


8. When does the team train?

We offer a few different types of session throughout the week:

Monday, Wednesday: CrossFit sessions (extra cost)

Tuesday: Bootcamp (included in membership) 

Wednesday: Touch Rugby (included in membership) 

Thursday: Contact Training (included in membership)



9. Cost of Living (In US Dollars)

Beers: $2-4 (restaurant), <$1 (supermarket)

Taxi (30 mins): $3-4 

Underground / Metro: $0.30

Local Restaurant Meal: $2-5

Western Restaurant Meal: $8-15

Groceries For The Week: $20


Yes, taxis, beers and food are all very cheap.

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