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GZ Rams vs Shenzhen Update and Team Sheet!

Hey Fellas!

Just a quick update for this weekend!

Having spoken with Shenzhen and the state of rugby in the city the coaches have decided not to field our strongest team to start with but give guys who are on the fringe of the starting team some extra game time.

The decision was made as the the best thing for the whole squad/club, we are wanting to get the most out of the few games we have, i think you will all agree that games won by over 100 points don't really achieve much for us as individuals or as a team.

Simon and Brendan have come up with the following plan to get the most out of Saturday. The starting team will warm up as a team with Brendan (VIBES) while Simon will run a contact skill session making the most of the grass pitch (SERIOUS VIBES). We are hoping a few of the other lads who did not join this group will also pitch up to train and support!

This is a great opportunity for everyone to be involved and to leave Shenzhen on Saturday a better player! Really looking forward to it, there will be some serious VIBES as there always is on a Rams game day and plenty of beers. Please see the below PDF’s for the team sheets!

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