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RAMS 2nd team info

Hey guys just some admin reference the plans for the second team!

We are planning for there to be two teams within our one great club! As now we have a big number of players in our group (45) obviously we can’t use 45 players in one game 23 max. so we plan to have a 2nd team game at every home game which is potentially 5 games plus enter 2 teams into Kowloon and Xiamen 10s! basically everyone gets to play more rugby! We will all train together on Thursday nights splitting up to do certain drills separately (drills will be the same for both sides!) the second team will also have their own coach to run their sessions and be joined by the newly reformed ladies team! Positions in the 2 squads are not set in stone with places being earned through commitment and performances in both games and training!

But and this is a big but for this to work we need everyone in this group to be committed to training and matches if we only get 2 guys turn up it won’t work! We all need to be together on this going forward and becoming the biggest and best club in China!!


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